Written by: Debora L. Lawson

Wow. I’m sitting here with the founders of Encore!! Seemingly all this year I heard more about Encore than I have any other band in Lexington. They seem to be really hot! I’ve seen them couple of times throughout the city, at Thursday Night Live, Skybar, O’Neil’s and private ventures. Clifford Shelby and Greg Taylor sat with me, telling me how they started and how excited they are about upcoming events.

Greg was originally with Superfecta, and Cliff was letting his guitar rest a while. Clifford is from Memphis, TN where music is high on the social scene. Greg is from right here in Lexington, but traveled while in the service but returned to Lexington where his family resides.

Greg tells me when they first started they didn’t have a secured place to practice. They would be here one week, another place this week and it was difficult to get everyone there on the same accord. He thinks back to the time they rented a storage unit in Nicholasville to hold practices. He mumbles, patience comes from the love of music!

Encore’s first gig was in Danville, KY at the Danville Country Club, where diverted bands hadn’t softened played. Since then they have played at Skybar, Thursday Night Live, O’Neil’s and many private parties and weddings too numerous to mention. Encore is in its third year playing exclusively once a month at O’Neil’s, where they played as well.

One of the reasons why Taylor thinks they have been successful is because they play a variety of music for everyone. Taylor continues to say, “Because we/Encore gives the crowd what they want, they can accommodate the needs of any event.” Every time I have seen them play, they have a very diverse audience.

They keep the dance floor hopping with young, old, black and white!! Their selections range from rhythm to classical, and soon to branch out into a little jazz and Blues. Whatever they are playing, you will feel it in your seat. Shelby seeks of the talent in the band, how each has a different musical background, but they have their own sound.

Encore has some stuff up their sleeve, a dash of new music to come! They are pushing the envelope to expand and grow musically. Sometimes when you see Encore they have a few “extra” faces joining them on any given night; but the Encore members today are:

Greg Taylor – Bass

Cliff Shelby – Guitar

Chad Higgins – Keyboard

Vincent Grino – Drummer

Angie Ortega – Sax

Cheryl Roberts – Vocals

David Weathers – Vocals

Go check them out, you will not be disappointed!!

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